Estevan "Este" Valdes


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Flow, Yin and Restorative

Estevan Valdes (They/Them)

Mexican-American/Queer/Spiritual/Compassionate AF.

My greatest inspirations and transformations comes through meeting people. At my core, I want to share the experience of being seen and heard. To listen and to share. This life has taken me to stages around the world, offering dance, music, theatre, and magick. Yoga came as a surprising anchor during these globetrotting adventures, and I became instantly hooked. After 9 years of practice, 400+ hours of Yoga Anatomy & Philosophy, becoming a volunteer postpartum doula and Reiki Master, I want nothing more than to share authentic moments of connection. Join me on the mat with a curious mind, an open heart, and all the brilliance of YOU.