Why You Need To Face 

The Ugly Truth About Your 

Traumas, Triggers, And Wounds

(Oh My!) 

Listen, if you don’t have the “love life” or the ANY life you want right now, then I have important news for you. 

It’s not your fault. 

Our society has weird, wrong and outdated expectations and programs around love.

These programs and expectations create narratives that will inevitably lead to you getting hurt.

Deep emotional pain is a by-product of expecting a Disney fairytale and instead getting stuck in the middle of blah relationship after blah relationship.

So if you sometimes watch romantic movies and shake your head laughing at how unrealistic it is… but secretly wishing you could have love like that.

Or perhaps you have a stack of books, a laundry list of online articles and have attended trainings on “finding the one” or “sex magic” or “manifesting your man”...

Or maybe you see a solid, attractive and intelligent person in the grocery store and hope THEY catch your eye and will sweep you off your feet…

If any of that even remotely rings a bell for you, then you have a wounded emotional body.

Every time you experience a traumatic, disappointing or painful experience it leaves a scar on your soul. Over time you receive many of these imprints of past emotions on your mental and emotional body. 


In Yoga we call this karma. Samskaras.

In Western Psychology we call it repressed trauma.

Whatever you want to call it, no-one is arguing over the fact that this baggage exists, and when it’s not dealt with, these traumas control your mind and run the show from the unconscious outward.

I see so often this “emotional and spiritual scar tissue” creating blockages or knots for people’s energetic systems…  making it impossible to “tie the knot” with any lover who is actually right for them.

And it will just keep running the same old program, re-opening the same old wounds, until YOU make the decision to heal your emotional & energetic body. 

It’s not your fault your emotional body is wounded … but it IS your responsibility to heal it.  



If more than 3 of those resonated with you, you might be wondering:


What’s the solution? 

Well, let me share with you what worked for me. 

All of the Tools found in this 8 Week Course are the same tools that I used to heal MY stuff. 

Now I am sharing it with you.

The course is:





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EFT Tapping

Learn how to use EFT Tapping to process uncomfortable emotions and release old memories.

Yoga and Movement

Weekly Yoga and Movement offerings support with moving stuck energies and overall wellness.

Group Coaching and Support

Facilitation is in a group setting where students can learn from and support each other in the process.

Meet Your Guide

Hello, friends!


I am Cassandra Vitale, intuitive healing guide and spiritual mentor. I created this course to teach people what I had to learn by myself--how to love myself enough to where I could finally attract the RIGHT person into my life. And then I had to keep him! I used these tools to heal past hurts, release limiting beliefs and in general expand my sense of self so that I could manifest the life of my truest desires. I believe that YOU can, too. With this course, I will take you on a journey through your entire body and your entire life to heal yourself and ACTIVATE YOUR LOVE.

It works like Magick, because it is.

It’s your time, People!

I have pulled together all the most important puzzle pieces from every program, certification and training I have attended and taught, for a new course just for you called Activate Your LOVE

This special 8 week program will open you up to new emotional and energetic awareness, using the new technology of EFT combined with the ancient yogic understanding of the energetic vortexes of your body mind system, called the Chakras, which will allow you to quickly and easily shift your emotional patterns and karmic imprints to align yourself to attract your ideal mate in a way that feels good and supportive. 

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How using The Emotional Mastery Method Ended My Pattern Of Anxiety-Filled Clingy Relationship Nightmares
And Brought Me The Marriage Of My Dreams  


Being someone who understands the principle of hard work, and having always dedicated myself to whatever I put my hands to, I’ve seen a large amount of success in my life. 

I’ve manifested a magnificent and thriving yoga studio, maintained a 4.5 GPA throughout all levels of school, I was valedictorian of my middle school (haha!), I’ve traveled the world and experienced unbelievable adventures,… and I’ve created a sustainable career for myself that I’m absolutely in love with.


However, I was always challenged when it came to my relationships.

I couldn’t understand why I was successful everywhere else in my life, but I kept attracting Mr. Wrong over & over again. 


I thought I was giving and supportive, but I kept hearing I was “clingy”.  EEEK!


You could define my relationship style as very emotionally “Attached”... 


I was insecure. I was hot guy repellent.  And I was anxious.


My dates or boyfriends would often disappear because of my lack of confidence, or they’d stay with me way too long and be a bad boyfriend until I finally dumped them.  I just wanted guys to like me, but if I texted and didn’t get a text response immediately I’d imagine he bought a one-way ticket to Alaska just to get away from me.



I remember sitting in my apartment, nearing my 30th birthday and thinking, well I guess I will be a single woman forever.  At least cats like me!


I couldn’t figure out why this one area of my life was so sour, yet my career, my fitness, and my friendships were so sweet and thriving.  What the hell was going on?


It wasn’t until one day, on the yoga mat, I told myself “enough is enough”


“I want true love dammit.  And I will do whatever I have to do to get it.”


So I did the research. That’s when friends recommended doing “the work”.

What work?

Why, energy work of course! 


I was skeptical at first… as a yoga instructor I know how much woo woo BS is out there…


But I was open minded enough to delve into some basic practices…

And you know what?

Most of it was junk.

The truth is there are a lot of people out there praying on the unfulfilled desires of needy women (all humans, really!) who sell unrealistic shortcuts and ineffective tools.

It took sorting through a lot of different programs to find something that actually worked.


The biggest breakthroughs for me came when I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique tapping (EFT).

These techniques helped me free up stuck emotional energy and open up my meridians unlike anything I had ever experienced. Tears. Laughter. Shaking. And honestly talking about my experiences, emotions and trauma.

I felt FREE for the first time in my life!

And I was overjoyed to have found something that actually worked!

The biggest area I saw an immediate improvement in, was around my relationships with my own masculine and feminine energies. As they aligned, I found myself not stressing and worrying about my intimate connections anymore.

Soon after I left that pattern of “anxious” clingy emotional attachment behind, I met the love of my life… Fabian.

My entire life got 1,000,000% better once I met Fabian.  


He makes me excited to get up in the morning!  I love our conversations, intimate moments, excursions, philosophical debates… even our mini fights can be fun and FUNNY!


We’ve been together for 5 years and married for 2… and now I know what they say is true... when you find that compatible love, life just gets so much sweeter.


And an unexpected benefit has been the admiration and trust I have earned from my peers, friends and clients because they can feel the genuine connection me and Fabian share.  


I’ve had friends, peers, students, and mentors all comment on my relationship with my husband:


“How did you find someone so compatible?”


“How can I have your relationship?”


“What’s your secret to getting your relationship right?”


Well, listen up. 


If you want to get your emotional independence back... 


If you want to have the feminine attraction power to magnetize the perfect people to you...


And if you want to step into your DIVINE GODDESS and finally get the relationship of your dreams...


And for the wonderful people who are already IN love, if you want to kindle your romantic flames like you wouldn’t believe…

Then I want to share these amazing techniques that worked for me so well.

I want you to experience the transformation I have experienced and feel the feeling of breaking through to your freedom! 


Really, I want you to have the relationship you deserve… and so, I have assembled this masterclass sharing all the best of the techniques I have discovered that have worked for me and dozens of other people! 


Today, if you choose to accept it, I invite you to experience the power and possibility created by The Emotional Mastery Method used in The Activate Your Love 8 Week Online Course

The Truth Is,

This Is An Initiation
Into The Cassandra Vitale School of Divination

As the ancient Alchemical principles state, as within, so without. 


When you have mastery over yourself you have mastery over your reality.

Sounds challenging… and it is. 


Unless you know the techniques.

And these techniques were closely guarded by elite priesthoods for millenia, with initiates undergoing rigorous training to ensure they would guard this knowledge and the power that comes with it from falling into the hands of evil people.

No joke. It’s the real deal.

Because when you know the right techniques, used in the proper sequence, you are able to influence your mental and emotional body to align your frequency with the reality you desire. 


Now you could (and many have) use that power for self-serving, evil ends.

Or you could use it to create more beauty, harmony, connection and love in the world.

Which is why I am sharing it with you now… because if you are one of my followers, then I believe you have the power to not only get what you want, but to also use these “superpowers” to accomplish amazing things in the world. (Especially once you have a partner who loves, supports and encourages you by your side)

People sometimes say to me it’s like I have a “superpower” of being able to manifest things…


  • Like when I bought a yoga studio even though I was a starving artist. 
  • Or when I found my soulmate after years of dragging myself through the wrong relationships
  • Or countless manifestations that ONLY happened because I understood the power of the energetic body (financial abundance, personal vibrancy, an expansive audience… and the list goes on)


Here’s a small taste of what you will experience on the inside:

  • How to tell if pain (trapped energy) in your body is physical, mental or emotional (and why knowing the difference between the 3 is the key to actually getting rid of the pain) 
  • Why emotional energy doesn’t flow through you unless you do this one thing
  • 7 ways the chakras will create great challenges for you… unless you maintain practices that support keeping them flowing 
  • Chanting to practice every day to keep your energetic system open and pleasure flowing freely in your body 
  • How to tell if a potential suitor is actually right for you
  • How to use your body intelligence to answer important life questions
  • How to release emotional pain for good
  • How to release physical pain for good
  • The 2 best ways to become trigger proof
  • How to use EFT tapping to align your energy for your brightest future
  • 4 yoga moves that help you manifest like a goddess
  • The truth about chakras (and what most yogis will never tell you)
  • How to find out which element you are (water, fire, earth, or wind) so you can create with full power
  • How to live each day with your divine feminine & sacred masculine self balanced and harmonious
  • How to protect your emotions while allowing yourself to be vulnerable (This is the KEY to having love without the heartbreak that often follows) 
  • The best way to activate your glowing divine radiance
  • How to access “the treasure chest of your past” so you can restore your full memory system
  • How to release all blockages- money, health, relationships and vitality, one chakra at a time.
  • How to use any past heartbreak to actually raise your vibration
  • Discover what your authentic self has been trying to tell you for years (hint: it’s probably not what you think)
  • How to tell if you actually like someone… or love someone, or if it’s just a past pattern seeking to resolve itself 
  • When to say no and change your path forward
  • How to uncover and release subtle pains that have been hiding in your system
  • What to do once you find the partner of your dreams
  • How to keep your relationship fresh, exhilarating and sexy
  • 5 keys to the sex life cleopatra would be envious of
  • Why fulfillment is not just a “body” thing
  • The truth about western medicine and your chakras
  • 5 Journaling bonus exercises designed to give you a focus breakthrough
  • And much more

Your Eight Weeks of Delicious Emotional Healing...Broken Down

Week One: 

Visioning Your Ideal Life Path (Relationship With Self, Relationship With Others, Relationship with Purpose)


You will start by finding and getting grounded in your deepest WHY.


What do you really want? 

What is your purest vision? 

What are you committed to creating over the next 8 weeks? 


During the remainder of this program, we will focus on completely clearing and rejuvenating your chakra system through EFT Tapping, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Yogic Asanas, and Emotional Awareness Training.  

Start getting excited!

Week Two:  “Muladhara” Root Chakra Integration and Awakening


Muladhara is considered the foundation of the "energy body",  the root and basis of your existence.


This is the first chakra you need to balance & stabilize, because if your foundation is off, then everything is off. 

Once this chakra is cleared and awakened for you, you will begin to access your full self.  This means your sexiest and most attractive feminine side, and also your masculine strength and determination to see things through.


A healthy root means healthy finances, a healthy home and a healthy relationship with family.

Week Three:  “Svadhishthana” Sacral Chakra Integration and Awakening


Your Sacral chakra is connected to pleasure, sense of self, relationships, sensuality and procreation. It gets blocked by fear and guilt….especially the fear of death.  


After you clear and awaken this Chakra in your life, you will begin experiencing your world differently.  This means enjoying each day, each experience to its fullest.  


Connecting with your sacral energy is the key to enjoying all the juicy parts of relationships. If your sexual and creative energy is blocked, how can you hold the attention and co-create with a partner of the caliber you desire?

Week Four: “Manipura” Solar Plexus Integration and Awakening


Your solar plexus, considered the center of your dynamism, energy, will power, and achievement, radiates new prana energy throughout your entire body.


With mastery of this chakra, you will attain the power to save, change or destroy your world.


This Chakra has an effect like a magnet, attracting energy from the Cosmos, allowing you to align your frequency with a desired result, and call it forth into existence. 


Once this Chakra is cleared and awakened, you will open up more energy throughout the day.  You will have greater willpower to complete tasks and reach your goals, and you will have the strength to create a more connected, empowered and fulfilled life. 

Week Five: “Anahata” Heart Chakra Integration and Awakening


Ahh yes, the heart. This is where most of us would like to skip to… to experience that beautiful, warm, fuzzy feeling of a true heartfelt connection.

Yet all the previous chakras must first be healed and balanced in order for the heart to feel safe to open. It’s so important to get the process and order right using techniques you know will actually work. 


Once your “Anahata” is open and flowing,  you will start making more effective decisions.  This is because  you will actually be following your heart intelligence, which is based on your higher self. This will also naturally attract a partner to you who sees your true radiance, and will magnify and reflect it back to you. 

Week Six: “Vishuddha” Throat Chakra Integration and Awakening


Once your heart is open, and energy is free to flow through your energetic system, then you are ready to speak with power, conviction, softness and clarity… and to trust the deep wisdom within your DNA that wants to speak through you. It’s a powerful experience of cleansing and creating. 


When it is open, negative experiences are transformed into wisdom and learning. The success and failure in your life is said to depend upon the state of this chakra, whether it is polluted or clean. 


When we work through this, you will discover the power of re-framing your past experiences into powerful lessons and integrating them into your being, so you are able to move forward holding the wisdom, but not the pain. 

Week Seven: “Ajna” Third Eye Chakra Integration and Awakening


Imagine having a deeper connection to your intuition and being able to “see beyond the veil” of reality to the deeper levels you know exist. Without a doubt you have experienced glimpses and glances of this intuitive power within you, and you might desire to strengthen it so you can truly trust yourself more. Especially when it comes to selecting partners, and choosing who you allow into your space. 


Because while your two eyes see the physical world, your third eye reveals insights about your future. 


The third eye chakra connects you with your intuition, giving you the ability to communicate with the world while helping you receive necessary messages from the past and the future.


Your Final Week: “Sahasrara” Crown Chakra Clearing and Awakening

Often referred to as a thousand-petaled lotus, your crown chakra is the most subtle and powerful chakra in your system, connected to pure consciousness.  This chakra is what all the other chakras emanate from.

This is the key to claiming your Queendom and sovereignty as an awakened creator, ready for an awakened partner to meet you here. 


Once this full Vortex Cleansing is complete, you will be RENEWED emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically… 


You will be ready for the fullest life and love that this world has in store for you.

What else is inside:
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A with Cassandra
  • Weekly video lessons with tapping sessions
  • Weekly journaling prompts
  • Weekly supplemental materials
  • Group support in our community forum
  • Guest presentations galore
  • Personalized mentor support from Cassandra and other coaches


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Ok, It seems to me you’re standing at a crossroads when you think about it..


Turn left, and nothing happens.




Your tomorrows will be the same thing as your yesterdays when it comes to love and pain..


The emotional pain, clinginess, and solitude will remain your constant companion… in fact, it will almost certainly get worse as you get older!  


Just keeping it real...


That left turn means you LITERALLY decide to accept your lot in life… I did that for a bit… it’s depressing and let's be blunt, it really can suck.


I have a feeling you’re better than all that though...


You care enough about your future, your happiness and your emotional and physical health,  that you’re about to Choose REAL CHANGE.


In Other Words, The Right turn.


It's a small investment to create an unimaginable difference in your relationships, your happiness, and your satisfaction out of life. 


Oh, Yeah, and the energy, the optimism, and finding the partner of your dreams that you’ve been craving so bad.


You get that too...


Literally, you get a changed life for less than the cost of 8 weeks of therapy.


From where I stand It’s kind of a no brainer, which is my intention here.


How about you?


Yeah, I figured.. ;-)




The Quick 'n D 

P.S.  Skipped to the end? I know how it is, so here’s the deal… Give me $1500 and three or 4 hours a week for 8 weeks and I will initiate you into a new emotional and energetic awareness. Using the technology of EFT combined with the ancient yogic understanding of the energetic vortexes of your body mind system…  called the Chakras, which will allow you to quickly and easily shift your emotional patterns and karmic imprints to align yourself to attract your ideal mate in a way that feels good and supportive.

P.P.S. The right person may be waiting right in front of you, for you to be ready… So if not now, when will you be ready?

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