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From Powerless To Sorceress:

How a Cynic Like Me Stumbled Onto The Spellbook of Modern Magic

Hey there future goddess, Yes, YOU.

If we haven’t met yet, my name’s Cassandra Vitale.
Before we talk “Divination”… I have to ask,

Do YOU long for:

 The romantic partner of your dreams?
 A relationship that is fulfilling, passionate and committed?
 True wealth, opportunity, and endless abundance?
 REAL fun, freedom, and love in your life?
 The body and physique you’ve always wished you could have?
 Deep friendships that are intimate, supportive and connected?
 The authenticity to speak (and live) your truth?
 Emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing and PEACE?
 The ability to live life on your own terms (and to truly embody those terms)?
 Unwavering confidence?

If you thought yes to any of these, then you’ve come to the right place! The tested tools you’re about to discover can have earth shattering positive effects on every element of your life.

                Fact: The kind of magic we teach here WORKS…
                         it’s been proven over and over again for thousands of years.

Either you pretend it doesn’t exist (woe is me) and miss out on your best, fullest, most nourishing life… Or you surrender to your power as a goddess (Woke ASS Me) and manifest the life you’ve always wanted but were too afraid to claim.

Inside this site, you’ll find out how to cast empowering spells, peer into your future, and help others on profound levels… all so you can tap into your most powerful feminine presence.


What Everyone is Saying about Cassandra's Coaching and Courses:

"Working with Cassandra helped me establish a strong foundation. Giving me the ability to see things from a greater perspective. She helped me figure out what my goals were and developed a system for me to attain them. The work wasn't always "easy", but the reward from powering through always made up for it. I see myself working with her again in the future, as she is someone who continuously seeks knowledge in order to be able to help you at her best."
- Stephanie A.
"Cassandra creates a quick connection and a safe space to explore what’s holding you back.  She has mastered the balance between loving guidance and direct feedback. She knows how to quickly create such a safe and nurturing space.  She guides you gently through any emotions that arise.  My EFT was powerfully healing,  after I felt so grounded, clear, and was able to let go of a huge amount of pain I had been carrying with me for years."
- Cassidy F.
I have had the pleasure of working with Cassandra and her phenomenal one on one coaching program. The guidance, support and mindfulness training I received from our sessions have been life changing. Cassandra holds space for you while always being upfront and honest in her approach . Cassandra is an innovative teacher, a talented healer and a powerful energy worker. 10 out of 10 stars . Highly recommend!"
- Stephanie B.

The Cassandra Vitale School Of Divination

Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Magic 

So You Can Live Your Most SUPER & NATURAL Life.

It’s no secret… The best  parts of my life today are a direct result of:




The practice of seeking knowledge through becoming aware of the signs, symbols and messages inherent in our surroundings. We are meaning makers, often unconsciously. Why not do it with intention? That is divination." 

-Cassandra Vitale

Contrary to popular opinion, being present to your projected future actually helps you thrive in your present moment, because you know which actions will give you the greatest positive consequences.  AKA this is a mucho life hack.

Our courses, programs and education are vetted by modern magic superstars.  We provide you with the most comprehensive framework for divination so you can manifest REAL results fast.   


Results like:

  • Better sex
  • More Money
  • Happier and healthier relationships
  • Releasing codependent habits and becoming your independent queen
  • Radiant Health
  • Greater fitness
  • And more (including the really  good stuff… stuff we can only share on a call together) :)