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Activate Your Love Online Course

Using the technology of EFT combined with the ancient yogic understanding of the energetic vortexes of your body mind system…  called the Chakras, which will allow you to quickly and easily shift your emotional patterns and karmic imprints to align yourself to attract your ideal mate in a way that feels good and supportive. Join me for 8 weeks of healing and growing. 

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What is Divination?



Which (witch) means:

The practice of seeking knowledge through becoming aware of the signs, symbols and messages inherent in our surroundings. We are meaning makers, often unconsciously. Why not do it with intention? That is divination." 

-Cassandra Vitale


Tarot Cards For Beginners Online Course

Tarot Cards for Beginners: Signs, Symbols, and Spreads is available now! Learn all of the basics needed to read any tarot card deck. On Sale Now! Price is $55 includes the course.

Coming Soon!

Stay on the lookout for the Messages from the Flowers Deck! This is in the process of being published and will be available in early 2021.

Tarot Meditation

Tarot can be used to understand more about the present moment, which can lead us to a better understanding of our future. We can also use individual Tarot cards to look deeply inward and practice self reflection. They are powerful meditative tools.


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                                                     Cassandra offers many different levels of access to
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